Emotional Trauma Relief :
Begin with water ceremony and move into a guided meditation, maybe even moving meditation and dance. Decide in the moment whether massage, quiet reflection, or art is next.

Re-nourish. Continuous check ins for what is most suited to the process. Breathe.  

Reset intentions for healing. Find a closing ceremony and repeat as necessary. 

What is a Complete Body Reboot?

Complete Body Reboot is an experience that allows healing the complete body by addressing your specific needs and activating the body's natural ability to heal itself. Each session begins by mapping out how the time will be spent and  what areas to focus on. 

You and Summer will design and agree upon a customized Reboot session created with various techniques to facilitate your healing process.

Unlocking your body's full potential is a unique opportunity, and with the Complete Body Reboot you will be able to gain access to your greatest being. 

Energizing : Begin with some light stretching and hydration. Spend some time with intention setting and move into an art session / creative flow time. Break for nourishment. Move into an agreed upon sweat session (probably a work out or steam). Take a bath. Receive massage and body work revisiting the intentions set earlier.

Closing ceremony. 

Every Complete Body Reboot consists of 5 steps 

Step 1 : Outline the Session with your guide.

     (This may be done in advance and revised as necessary)

        Agree together on the healing work that will be done. 

Step 2 : Opening Ceremony; A time to set intentions and prepare. 

Step 3 : Breathe & Be Present.

Simple as it is, it is a pivotal part of the CBR experience. 

Step 4 : Complete the healing work that was agreed upon. 

Step 5 : Give Gratitude and close the space for a 

Complete Body Reboot. 

Each one can include

Aroma Therapy; Tea Therapy; Energy Work; Guided Meditation; Massage Therapy; Stretch Sessions; 
Art Sessions; Sound Healing; Intention Setting; Sweat Sessions; 
Color Therapy; Moving Meditation; 
Conscious Conversation and so much more 

Examples of a  CBR  :

Nourishment catered by : 

​​​​Complete Body Reboot 

Restorative: Begin with a light stretching session that moves into a guided meditation. Receive a signing bowl cleansing then re-nourish and hydrate as we move into an extended massage. 

If time, include a Chakra Balancing at the end and more nourishment. 

Rewarding :

Open with a guided meditation and quiet reflection as you prepare to receive the reward for a well earned accomplishment. Whether you just finished writing a book, running a marathon, or any other reason you can think of we can create the perfect motivation to get you to the finish line. Once you feel completely ready, enjoy an invigorating stretch session followed by a long luxurious massage. Follow up with some nourishment and Art ending with a closing ceremony of gratitude.